Mint & Basil’s Charitable Efforts: Dine for a Cause

To expand upon our vision, we believe that love and compassion can be extended through more than just one avenue. Mint & Basil is a proud sponsor for other beneficial organizations that believe in the same philosophy.  These events are open to the general public and anyone who wants to Dine for a Cause.

Follow us and join us in our journey to help others!

*If you are a non-profit and want to apply for our program, please send us an e-mail at and fill out this form:


October 2, 2016:

Mint & Basil partnered with Senhoa Foundation ( to support survivors of human trafficking in Cambodia. For many years, Senhoa uses these proceeds to build safe havens, provide education, and even employment to those individuals at risk and at need, and to help them create a more meaningful life after surviving the evils of human trafficking. We are honored to have been able to make a contribution of $1000 in two hours where 100% of our gross proceeds went directly to the cause. Thank you to everyone who came to support this wonderful event. We look forward to seeing you again at our next one.



September 11, 2016:

Mint & Basil’s Dine for a Cause Program raised and donated $1,500 to Nhat Tam,, a non-profit charity to help the needy of Vietnam and Vietnamese in our local community. Cheers to a successful event yesterday and those who organized, donated, and supported this great cause!





July 10, 2016:

We partnered up with, a non-profit, to host a two hour open event at our San Jose restaurant.  All diners enjoyed our vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and 100% of their dine-in proceeds went directly to ChampionMe’s mission: to provide scholarships and housing for local at-risk and homeless youth.  We helped to raise $1000 in just two hours for this great cause.


June 26, 2016:

We had a wonderful event with Tu Tam (A Loving Heart Charity) and we were able to donate all our dine-in proceeds from 4-6PM to the non-profit. All proceeds help the cause for providing wheelchairs for the disabled and bicycles to poor students who would walk 3 hours to and from school each day in Vietnam. We successfully raised $1,700 in just two hours.  AND the donation was matched by other generous donors!  We feel blessed to be able to play a part in helping those who are in need.

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January 2, 2016

Mint & Basil Vietnam Town Grand Opening Day